Artist Statement

I find that painting is a process of letting things reveal themselves. This would include, but not be limited to, lines, shapes, colors, and ideas. Most times I find myself being controlled by the picture instead of trying to control it. This is how one finds the true beauty of a painting, bringing out what each picture wants to show. Sometimes I find it and other times I don’t. I think that every artist goes through the same type of procedure in his own way.

I won’t let myself be limited by any particular type of subject matter. By doing this, I find that my search for knowledge becomes more widespread. Rather than moving down a narrow channel, I’d rather keep things as open as possible. I am subjected to a much greater wave of stimuli this way. Exploring without any boundaries helps me keep expanding  and raising my level of work.

Incorporating elements from past works into new ideas is very important to me. While going forward is what we all should strive to do, we can not forget about what has brought us to our current point. By realizing and using the successes of our past we are able to accomplish even greater things in our future.

Douglas Baker

Mixed Media on Canvas

Mixed Media on Canvas 19″ x 31″

Mixed Media on Canvas 40″ x 27″

Mixed Media on Canvas 19.5″ x 29.5″

Mixed Media on Canvas 28″ x 23″

Mixed Media on Canvas 42.5″ x 31″

Mixed Media on Canvas 18″ x 27″

Mixed Media on Canvas 19″ x 27″

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